Life of Mississippi

Life of Mississippi
Our wheelchair ramp allows people  to stay in their home,  saving the state $40,000.00 a year.
There are 470,000 individuals with disabilities in Mississippi
Since 1993, LIFE has advocated for more than 170,000 individuals
LIFE provides services to individuals of all ages
Life Promotes Independence

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LIFE of Mississippi will soon have a new Executive Director. Beginning August 15, 2014, Ms. Augusta Smith, LIFE's current Assistant Director, will take the reins from Christy Dunaway. In an effort to highlight this change, LIFE has developed two new commercials that will begin airing on your local television stations. Called the Faces of LIFE, the two new commercials highlight the various programs and services of our agency. We hope you enjoy them! To view, click on the link above and the link below.




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Mississippi has almost 500,000 residents with disabilities - among the highest rates of disability in the country.

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  • United Healthcare