Life of Mississippi

Life of Mississippi
Our wheelchair ramp allows people  to stay in their home,  saving the state $40,000.00 a year.
There are 470,000 individuals with disabilities in Mississippi
Since 1993, LIFE has advocated for more than 170,000 individuals
LIFE provides services to individuals of all ages
Life Promotes Independence

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Please join LIFE of Mississippi for their fourth annual Art of LIFE festival! Sunday, September 14 from 2-5 pm at the MS Crafts Center. This year's event features a carnival atmosphere perfect for kids of all ages! Featured guests are Marshall Ramsey and Banjo, William Heard and many others. Entrance is free and you can purchase tickets to enjoy a variety of fun activities. Make your own art work! Eat hotdogs! Have your face painted! Learn how to paint! Learn how to forge iron! All this and so much more..... For more information call the Jackson LIFE office at 800-748-9398. 



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Mississippi has almost 500,000 residents with disabilities - among the highest rates of disability in the country.

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