Life of Mississippi

Landmark Events

1993 - LIFE began! We will celebrate our 20th Anniversary in October 2013! In our 20 years, we will have directly assisted close to 40,000 people.

1996 - LIFE staff and other disability rights advocates, successfully advocated the MS State Legislature to establish the Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Trust Fund. Thousands of Mississippians with SCI and/or TBI have benefited from this legislation.

1998 - LIFE received their first grant from a private foundation when the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded our Faith in Action project to recruit volunteers through faith-based ministries.

2001 - LIFE became a United Way partner in Mississippi. We have modified over 200 homes in the state and purchased durable medical equipment for close to 500 individuals. The partnership has grown statewide.

2003 - LIFE began providing information and technical assistance regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act as the state affiliate for the ADA Resource Center. We have trained over 10,000 people about their rights under federal laws and provided information to more than 150,000 people.

2004 - we became the first agency in the country actively recruiting people with disabilities to serve as AmeriCorps members. We have transitioned over 150 people out of nursing homes and back into their communities and provided peer support to more than 5,000

2004 - the first annual Youth Retreat was held for 25 young adults in Hattiesburg, MS. No fewer than 160 young adults with disabilities have attended this fun weekend retreat!

2005 – Hurricane Katrina swept through Mississippi leaving hundreds dead and thousands homeless. LIFE accepted over half a million dollars in donated medical equipment from around the country in the months following the storm. This equipment was re-distributed to over 4000 people, helping them to restore their lives. To this date, we are still assisting people impacted by the storm in an effort to help them re-build.

2006 - LIFE purchased their state office building in Jackson, becoming a permanent part of this community.

2008 – First annual Bridging the Gap fund raiser was held in Vicksburg. This annual event has drawn over 600 people to the historic Mississippi River Bridge to Walk, Roll and Stroll across the river. Funds raised so far - $35,000!

2009 - LIFE began a dedicated resource development campaign to build upon our partnerships and expand our services. LIFE has 48 community partners, and has generated $225,000 as of September 2012 toward the costs of purchasing services for people with disabilities.

2010 – The first annual Art of LIFE Expotential was held at the Mississippi Crafts Center to raise funds and awareness about the artistic abilities of people with disabilities.

2010 - LIFE began the first health and wellness program for people with disabilities in the state. We have trained over 150 individuals, distributed more than 10,000 newsletters and brochures and created two totally accessible fitness facilities, including the first accessible Cross Fit facility in the state.

2012 - LIFE becomes major stakeholder of the First Ever Mississippi Disability MegaConference held on June 21-22, 2012 in Jackson, MS.

2012 - LIFE created an endowment fund with the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson. This fund will provide long term assistance to LIFE through donations and grant funding. The endowment is made possible by the generous donations of individuals and families in the community.

2014 - Augusta Smith becomes the new Executive Director of LIFE of MS, upon the retirement of Christy Dunaway.