Life of Mississippi

Core Services


To empower individuals with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and communities through the provision of independent living services.

The first center for independent living was created on the campus of UC Berkely in 1972 by Mr. Ed Roberts. Ed was a pioneer in the independent living movement and is still referred to as the "father" of independent living.

Federal funding was provided for independent living in 1978 through an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act. However it was 1992 with the re-authorization of the Rehabilitation Act before federal funds were specified for the centers for independent living.

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Nothing About Us Without Us!

There are four core services of independent living that all CILs provide:

Advocacy – Assistance and /or representation in obtaining access to benefits, services, and programs to which a consumer may be entitled.

IL Skills Training and Life Skill Training Services – These may include instruction to develop independent living skills in areas such as personal care, coping, financial management, social skills, and household management.  This may also include education and training necessary for living in the community and participating in community

Information and Referral Services – Identify all individuals who requested this type of assistance.  This is the only service (other then services to family members) that may be  provided to all individuals, whether or not the individual has a disability.  Some entities record this service using strokes on an answering pad without opening a CSR, others create a CSR or other such file for future contact and outreach.

Peer Counseling Services – Counseling, teaching, information sharing, and similar kinds of contact provided to consumers by other people with disabilities.