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Our Roots

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  • LIFE of Mississippi is the "non-profit center for independent living" created through federal legislation in 1992.

  • LIFE has enhanced the lives of over 35,000 individuals with disabilities since 1993.

  • Building on our strengths, we have provided information to more than 170,000 people.

  • We reach all four corners of the state and serve every county.

  • No matter how old you are or where you live in Mississippi – we can help.

  • Our Board members and staff live with the philosophy, "nothing about us without us"!

  • LIFE services are provided at no cost.

  • We have the expertise and are committed to making your LIFE better.

All LIFE offices are:

  • Consumer-Controlled
    (directed by people with severe disabilities through consumer Boards and staffs);

    (not limited to any one or more disability groups);

    (providing services in the community);

    (focused on non-institutional settings);

  • For more information about LIFE or the services we provide, please call our state office in Jackson Mississippi at           (601) 969-4009 or 1-800-748-9398 (V/TTY);

  • To view a copy of Living Independence for Everyone, LIFE  By-Laws, click By-Laws pdf.

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